Composer - Arranger - Guitarist for Brit Floyd 

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all well, safe and healthy !
It has been a while, but finally I'm coming with something new for this 2020.
I'm really happy to announce that starting today I will be producing Axe Fx III tones, presets and bundles  on LivePlayRock, one of the best e-Commerce music platform on the web. 


A Great Day For Freedom

Fractal Audio System Axe FX III - Video 

On The Turning Away

Brit Floyd Live in Amsterdam

Brit Floyd, “The World’s Greatest Pink Floyd Show” once again returns to the stage in 2020 to perform its brand new production, ECHOES 2020 World Tour. Including highlights from The Wall, The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Division Bell, and featuring a show stopping 23 minute 'note-for-note’ performance of the iconic era defining song Echoes, written 50 years ago, and from Pink Floyd's breakthrough 1971 album Meddle.


The Best from the World's Greatest Band


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